Code Highlighter Document

Written by John on Friday, 28 January 2011

Five minutes to highlighter your code.

  1. Install CodeHighlighter plugin with Joomla Extension Manager.

  2. Enable Code Highter Plugin with Plugin.

    Enable CodeHighter
  3. Customize CodeHighter

    Code Highlighter Basic Options
    • SyntaxHighlighter Version:

      Currently, the plugin support two SyntaxHighlighter version:3.0.83 and version 2.1.382.

      Version 3 mainly have the following improvement:
      1. Dynamic Brush Loading
      2. No Flash Copy To Clipboard/li>
      3. Code Selection/li>
      4. Block Title/li>
      5. CommonJS/li>
      6. Improved CSS support/li>
      Version 2.x is quite classic and more stable.
    • Theme

      SyntaxHighlighter support 7 themes:Default, Eclipse, Emacs, FadeToGrey, MDUltra, Midnight, RDark. Please refer the Code Highlighter Demo to see the difference.

    • Customize brush loading

      Only load needed JavaScript to speed up your site.

      Customize brush loading
  4. Highlighter your code with
    <pre class="brush:LanguageAlias">
    put you magic code here

    Please look up language brushes here